Business of the Month for December 2015

Richardson Trash & Alton Storage

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      Richardson's Trash and Alton Mini-Storage, the Alton Advertiser Business of the Month for December, 2015

      Richardson's Trash started in 1985 with the idea from Gary and a 'Pak-Rat' truck. Routes were established with help from Clifford & Ann Sisco for the 'AA' route and Bonnie Johnson organized a Thomasville route. Break time was always at Clifford's for lunch or a drink and candy bar at the Thomasville Grocery.

      With a faithful following of Oregon County residents and the City of Alton, trucks are traveling many miles. Employees include Mike Williams and Patrick Bridges. Gary and Patrick try to handle truck problems while Janie & Jesse do the books.

      Alton Storage was Gary's idea also and first had four individual "Garrison" buildings divided in half to offer eight units. Built on skids, they could be moved or sold if they did not rent. In time, they all rented and more units were built in the city of Alton.

      Both businesses are located on West Broadway at the 'top' of the hill on the north side of the street.

      Gary and Janie want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2016. Thanks for making their business possible.